About us

We have been together for over 10 years and are parents of three children. 
The Making Love approach has accompanied us since the beginning of our relationship and has shown us how to make love the very priority in life.
Through  this understanding of making love and in adding our background of Somatic Experiencing (trauma therapy by Peter Levine),  a very safe and grounded space is created in our Retreats where true healing and transformation can emerge naturally. 

Today, we share our knowledge in retreats and in individual consultations with people from all over the world who want to rediscover loving sexuality. 

Max Muzio Making love teacher instructor couple
Jasmin Muzio Making love teacher instructor couple

Max Muzio

Max is a passionate artist, Making Love®  teacher (Diana & Michael Richardson) and a trained bodyworker in Oceanic Bodywork® (Nirvano Martina Schulz). He is currently in training to become a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner (trauma therapy - Peter Levine).
Max spent most of his childhood in a larger community and was allowed to live out his creativity and adventurous spirit for himself and in relationship with a wide variety of people. 
His affinity and passion for the beauty of life - plants, animals, people and matter - find expression in the creation of beautiful art objects and his own plant essences, but above all in his clear, sensitive, humorous way of working with people and accompanying them.
The slow and conscious way of sex, as taught in the Making Love Retreat®, have changed some fundamental attitudes and views in his life and broadened his perspectives.
He sees life as a constant learning process and is looking forward to deepening as well as sharing this work with other people.
Max is happily married to Jasmin and the father of three wonderful children. Together they live in a beautiful Community in Switzerland.

Jasmin Muzio

Jasmin is a Making Love®  teacher (Diana & Michael Richardson), Somatic Experiencing® practitioner (trauma therapy - Peter Levine) and a trained bodyworker in Oceanic Bodywork® ( Nirvano Martina Schulz). 
Jasmin grew up in an international seminar centre in Switzerland and, since early childhood, has been in close touch with elders, healers, group leaders and their different works. This is where she got in touch with Diana and Michael Richardson and the Making Love work. 
Over the years, a deep love and commitment to this work has grown in her. Femininity, trauma healing and conscious sexuality have always been a main subject of her interests and studies. She is happy and grateful to now share this precious work with other couples in the Making Love retreat as well as with the next generation in her women retreats and girls circles. 
Besides, she offers one-to-one sessions and rituals, such as wedding ceremonies and 'Baby & Child Blessing‘  ceremonies. 
Jasmin is a happily married and a passionate mother of three wonderful children. Growing up in a loving and open-minded community, she has received the gift to keep her inner child alive while growing a deep inner wisdom. These qualities reflect in the different aspects of her work as she shares them in a natural and authentic way.