House of Light - Spain

Welcome to House of Light, an energetically special place for personal transformation and bodywork, where you can feel intimately connected with nature. Through five years of dedicated restoration, the site has been transformed from a ruin into a collection of beautiful and thoughtfully designed spaces that beckon guests to reconnect with themselves.

Each room at House of Light has been meticulously decorated with care and love, boasting its own unique charm, color, and atmosphere. From delightful traditional yurts to luxurious, fully ensuite Moroccan-inspired rooms, our accommodations offer inviting and serene spaces that inspire and relax. During the retreat, all rooms are furnished with comfortable double beds, ensuring a restful night's sleep.

The House of Light is a place where guests can truly feel at home, finding solace and rejuvenation within its walls. Whether you seek personal transformation or a serene space for bodywork, our lovingly restored venue provides the ideal setting.

Please be aware that we handle all aspects of retreat organization and booking, including room reservations. You can rely on our expertise to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for you and your fellow retreat participants.

Escape from the ordinary and embark on a transformative journey at House of Light. Reconnect with your inner self amidst the embrace of nature's splendor. Immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of our enchanting accommodations, where every detail has been crafted to nurture and inspire.

Contact us today to reserve your spot at House of Light and experience the magic of this extraordinary retreat. Please remember that all retreat organization and room reservations are coordinated by us, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process for you.


The prices as shown below are fullboard (food & accommodation) per person and per night .
You will be for 7 nights in the retreat.
Please note that the costs of the seminar itself  are calculated separately.

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Budget rooms (yurts)

-"Agua"   ->   100 Euro

-"Tierra" ->      95 Euro
-"Fuego" ->      95 Euro

Shared bathrooms outside 

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Basic rooms          

-"Corazon"     ->     95 Euro
-"Tophouse 1 ->  115 Euro
-"Tophouse 2 -> 115 Euro
-"Luz"                 -> 120 Euro
-"Quitud"         -> 120 Euro

Shared bathrooms in the mainhouse

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Comfort rooms

-"Amor" -> 140 Euro

-"Alma"  -> 145 Euro

Private bathrooms

Where to find House of Light?


Bayacas, Órgiva, Spain

How to reach House of Light:

For travelers by plane:

The nearest airport is in Malaga. It is possible to organize a transport, we will ask you if you need it.

Travel by own or rented car:

WARNING. Sat’Nav’ may want to bring you to us via Carataunas. This is a non drive-able route. Please always COME VIA BAYACAS.

  • Leave Orgiva on the A438 direction: LANJARÓN
  • At roundabout, take right onto A4132 for CARATAUNAS
  • Follow A4132 winding uphill for 4 km
  • After row of large Plane trees follow sign for BAYACAS on right
  • Follow road down into village (800m)
  • With church on your left cross over small concrete bridge on the right
  • Turn left (up stream) for 100m
  • At wooden sign for House of Light, on right, park and walk up track

You will see the round windows and arches of House of Light on the hill in front of you