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Questions and Answers

Are there any special conditions for participation?

The most important thing is that both partners decide together to join the retreat. You should be open to question old habits and feel ready to see sex with completely new eyes. The Making Love Retreat is suitable for couples of all ages regardless of how long you have been together.

A retreat on the subject of sex is very personal, how is the space of intimacy maintained?

We are aware of this reservation and therefore ensure a safe and contained space where your privacy is respected at all times. There will be no sexual acts or nudity in the group and no one has to do anything she/he does not want to. And of course, all more intimate couple exercises take place in the privacy of your own room! This retreat is designed so you can experience the process within yourself and together with your partner.

What is the size of the group?

The retreat is limited to 10 couples.

The Making Love Retreat is not a group process and we encourage each couple to refrain from too much social engagement during those days to deepen the personal experience.

The focus is on you as a couple and on you as an individual – the group is simply a space for resonance, an invitation to exchange ideas and an enrichment of diversity. 

What is the Making Love approach?

Everything we teach you in the retreat is about conscious presence in your own body. All the exercises, meditations and the inherent knowledge we share with you aim to reawaken that consciousness in your own body.

We demonstrate the difference between "conventional" sex – involving tension, innuendo, intense stimulation and climax – and "conscious" sex in an environment of warm, loving, fulfilling relaxation, which has no target. 

Through this retreat you can experience a deep journey of healing.

What will the Making Love Retreat bring us?

In this retreat we do not teach techniques but an attitude and a new approach to body awareness. Therefore, we do not have any secret recipes for quick happiness, healing of emotional wounds or trauma to teach. Relaxed sexuality can bring very deep healing and relaxation. However, it will not solve all relationship problems by itself. 

The nurturing retreat days will give you many good insights, experiences and tools to take care of the precious gift of love you both share in daily life.